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21 Highly Effective Ways to Forget Your Ex – Do’s and Dont’s

People tend to give it a shot at trying to forget a person who broke their heart. What does ex mean? Ex signifies the past. It describes the meaning of a previous association or relationship with a person. A relationship can be with anybody, two best friends, two women, two men, and many more. The phase of a break-up is such a crucial and delicate period where a person is unable to think straight. Break up hurts so much that it consumes you from within. You want to get over the person so badly that you do not realize that it is you. You miss them, yes. But deep down, you miss the person you used to be around them. You miss yourself.

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There is so much more in life. You can not hold on to a person and forget about yourself. If it is meant to be, then you will find your person. But, do not be dependent on a person. Before falling in love with someone else, love yourself first. Here in this article, we have provided the 21 Best ways to Forget you Ex.

How to Forget Your Ex – 21 Do’s and Dont’s

1. Get a Closure

The closure is the process of saying goodbye for one last time before being apart. So, before processing to move on, you must give and ask for closure from each other. Only to be completely clear without any misunderstandings, a closure is necessary from both sides. In case there was an ugly situation during the break-up, you can try to sit down together and sort it out by having a mature discussion and then part ways.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

The fact that the constant person is not with you anymore is going to be in your mind 24/7. But, keep yourself occupied by work. Take up an engaging project to work. Do the things which you love and have not done in a while. It is food for the soul. Do not let your break up put you on the bed all day. You must get up and go back to your life. There are a lot of people who are counting on you so, do not let them down.

3. Social Media Detox

You will go on to stalk them, DO NOT. I would instead ask you not to check your phone. Do not read old messages as well. You might come across their posts where it is, inferred about how happy they are. You do not need to see that. They will make you more upset. Reading old messages might give you momentary happiness but will offer you a slap within ten seconds. Or, you can learn from those posts that if this person can be happy, why can not you. Keep reminding yourself about how strong you are and that you shall overcome your sadness.

4. No Self Destruction!

Just because you had a break-up does not mean you will stop your life. Do not drink or toxify yourself. It is highly dangerous to harm yourself. Self- harm will not get you anywhere other than destruction. Later you are going to realize how idiotic it was and regret it.

5. Take Time to Grieve

You are no robot so take time for yourself. Take some time out to adjust yourself to the situation. You will need it. It is going to help you mentally and you will feel a lot fresh. Spend time inside your home by cooking, drawing, or doing some other usual activity. It will become a social detox for you. The state of depression you are in will become better, but you must give yourself some time to heal. Allow yourself the opportunity to assemble your thoughts and emotions in accordance.

6. Blame Game won’t Help

There is no need to blame the other one or yourself for the cut-off. Let bygones be bygone. If you keep blaming yourself, it becomes very hard, and the regret consumes one from the inside. Even if it is your fault, accept it but do not let it bother you. You have paid the price and lost the person. You can not afford to lose yourself in that process. Learn to forgive and forgive instead of being hard on yourself.

7. Avoid things Related to them

There are going to be a lot of things you are going to notice which will make you think of them. So, it is better to ignore them. Suppose there is an activity you two used to do together. You do not have to stop that but resume after a while after your adjustment. There might be some objects like clothes or key rings. Keep them aside to return them but, you can try to stay away from them. The things you cannot possibly return or diminish are memories. It is up to you how you are going to deal with them. Think of the memories as a beautiful past to cherish or a lesson that is too hard to learn.

8. Try Avoiding Mood Swings

There are going to be times where you will feel reckless, and your mind would not be in the right shape. You have to calm yourself down because you are your person, and you are on your own. Keeping yourself in the correct sense is what your focus should be on. Get a clear mindset. Do not let your inconsistent behavior affect yourself. Instead of having a fickle- mind, calm yourself down with patience because it is you with yourself in the end, and no one can change that. Help yourself through all the mood swings and try to stop thinking about the past.

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9. Don’t Beg for Chances

You are a grown and mature human being, and you have your self-respect. You have built up a life on your own. You have chosen the right path for yourself. Then why would you beg anyone to be in your life and destroy your image? You are enough for yourself, and you do not need anyone other than your friends and family. Do not ever beg of anyone for anything. Work hard for the betterment of yourself. It is their fault and loss, to not be a part of your beautiful life. If someone wants to walk off, let them go. You are enough for yourself.

10. Reject Post-cut-off Friendship

Usually, people are friends even after fights. But why does one need that? That is pretentious. It becomes different for best friends but, when it comes to a break-up among people who were in a relationship and used to be in love, you don’t need it. The past relationship was out of pure love which does not exist anymore. So, why would you even want to have a monotonous friendship? It exists of guilt, avenge, regret, and pretentiousness. So, try to avoid this particular term for your betterment. It becomes unreal and dull.

11. Let Him/Her Go

Before thinking of how to move on, you must let go of whatever happens because it is in the past. You can’t change it and don’t even try to. It is not easy to move on. But, there will be a morning when you will wake up and be a completely different person. But you will have to prepare yourself for that. You will have to be very strong for the next upcoming days. You have to keep reminding yourself how difficult the past was for you and how you have overcome previous difficult circumstances.

12. Make Important Life Style Changes

You must have spent all your days based upon both of you. Do not change yourself but change the environment around you according to your likes. Do things differently. There might not be much to change, but you can try. Suppose you two used to meet every day at a specific hour. So, pick out an activity to do or go shopping at that time. The point is not to spend that hour remembering the moments. Do not bound yourself in a cage and go out to enjoy the beautiful life the universe has given you.

13. Don’t Relive the Memories

The moments will come by your mind always. You might take them and cherish for a while but eventually, they will only make you cry. Try to ignore them. Reliving the same memories is hard and you can’t control your thoughts. Keep yourself busy or flip into activity whenever this happens. Trick yourself into being engaged and involve yourself in some work. Don’t pretend to be happy to think that one day you will stop being upset. That doesn’t happen. You have to work on your emotions and process the let go part to make it happen.

14. Avoid Stalking

You care for that person, but you will need time to redecorate your space and be in the right state of mind. Whenever you will be around some mutual friends, do not ask about their updates. It would be more difficult for you to hear about the person who was with you until the recent past through a third party. So, try to avoid those questions and think about yourself.

15. Don’t find excuses to See them again

You can’t expect to move on and try to meet them at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to even think of moving on. The power is in your mind about what to think and what not to. Moving on doesn’t mean to try to meet them in any way, NO. It is irrelevant to see them in person. The moment they come in front of you, you are going to be blank. You must keep them in the past because that is where they belong.

16. Avoid Sad Songs and Movies

Having a guilt trip and being around something sad will take you down. You will already come across various miserable posts on social media, which you can’t control. But if you deliberately watch sad movies, you will keep the competition among which one is sadder, the cinema or you. Same with songs, if you listen to sad songs, you will try to relate every lyric to your current situation. Especially if there are songs which remind you of them, try to avoid them as much as you can.

17. Buck Yourself Up

You have a beautiful life, and you must enjoy it. You can’t keep yourself locked in a room. You have to allow yourself to explore. There are so many things in life other than to sulk over the past. Permit yourself to live to the fullest to enjoy and explore your wants. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, so why would you? You must think that you deserve the best of all. So, it’s you who has to cheer yourself up during the process of moving on.

18. Know what You’re Capable of

You are capable of all the beautiful things in life. Notice the things on which you are missing out. You have worked hard on yourself and chosen the right path up to date. So why must you sulk over a difficult situation? Live your life to the fullest and smile more often.

19. Self Realization

Why waste your time over something which has been done and dusted and cannot be brought back? There are so many things that are left for you to do. The point is to make better mistakes. You have care and emotions for that person, yes, and it will take time to fade away. It won’t happen right away. So don’t think about having revenge or enmity for any reason because there is no point in having an avenging session. Let go and realize that yourself.

20. Talk with Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, you can always open up to your friends. You can count on them throughout your hardships. They will be your coping mechanism. So try to talk to them and they will reciprocate soothingly. It is hard for you to put your emotions into words. Even if you want to cry, they will lend a shoulder to you. No matter what, be with your friends in this delicate time because you need to be around people. Go shopping with them or to cafes to hang out. Diminish the past and make new memories.

21. Love Again…Love Yourself!

In the process of grieving, do not lose hope in yourself. Don’t lose yourself. Your inner peace has to be sustained with delicacy. Before falling in love the next time, fall in love with yourself first. Self-love is important. Because if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you. You are the best and you deserve all the beautiful things in life. Take time to fall in love for the next time because your soul-mate will come to you very soon. Fall in love again, but with yourself first.

In this generation, break-ups have become like a trend. And the after parts have become a devastating phase for everyone. So, try to avoid such heartbreaks and try to stick to the right person. Because nobody wants to hurt, but the situation changes a human being and none of us have any control over that. Overcoming a difficult circumstance for a person is his/her achievement. Live your life, and laugh along with the beautiful memories in life. Hope this article on ‘How to Forget Your Ex’ has helped you. Please do share this with someone who needs it!

“As we drive along this road called life, occasionally one will find themselves a little lost. And, when that happens, I guess they have to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.”

-Carrie Bradshaw (S€x and the City)

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