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Himachal Pradesh Celebrated 72nd Himachal Day Differently

The Ridge at himachal day

April 15 is a celebrated day for the people of the Himachal Pradesh state and India. In 1948, on the same day, Himachal Pradesh was made a territory of India.

On 15th April, the function happened differently from the tradition for the first time in 72 years of its history at The Ridge, Shimla (the hub of all cultural activities in the capital). No special cultural programme or mass public gathering happened on the Himachal Divas due to CoronaVirus, so that people could stay safe in their homes.

The Chief Minister of the state, Jai Ram Thakur unfurls the flag followed by a small march past by police personnel at 11 A.M. on Wednesday. The Himachal Divas is usually celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride every year at different parts of the state with a number of cultural functions attracting many tourists and local people. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that protecting life and health of people from the COVID-19 is the first priority of his government. The state is already in complete lockdown after the extension of nationwide lockdown as announced by Prime Minister Modi on 14 April. So far 33 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus have been found in Himachal Pradesh, with 1 death and 13 recoveries. The national toll stands at 12,000+ confirmed cases, 380 deaths and 1400+ recoveries. 

Know everything about Himachal Day-

  • Himachal day or Himachal Divas is a celebration of the anniversary of the day that Himachal Pradesh obtained statehood in 1971, although the province was created in 1948.

  • Prior to independence, the greater part of the territories of Himachal Pradesh was a part of Punjab state and during that time this area was isolated into four distinct regions, like, Chamba, Mandi, Shimla and so on..

  • After gaining independence from Britishers, in 1948 Himachal Pradesh was declared as a union territory.

  • On the 15th April Chief Commission inaugurated this territory and after that this day was celebrated as ‘Himachal Day’ every year which is also a gazetted public holiday.

  • Later in 1970, the union territory was proclaimed as a different small state. On 25th January 1971, it turned into the 18th state of the nation. The state has developed rapidly after coming into existence on April 15, 1948, after the merger of 30 princely states.

  • Himachal day is marked with a grand parade in the capital city of Shimla. Local events are also organised in the cities, towns, and villages to mark the day.

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