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A Hindu Boy, Age 18, Beaten to Death over Relationship with a Muslim Girl

In yet another shocking incident coming in from Delhi where an 18-year-old Hindu boy was beaten to death by the family of the girl just because she was of the Muslim community and her family objected to their relationship.

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On Wednesday evening, some of the girl’s relatives called the victim, asking to meet him at Nanda road to discuss his tuition classes. When the 18-year-old boy, named Rahul Rajput reached the place, a group of five men including the girl’s brothers set upon him with sticks and rods till he fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital. The injuries proved fatal and he lost his life 2 days after the attack. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed in the lane.

National Media Accused of Covering up the News

The inter-religious affair is receiving nationwide attention where many netizens are calling it “Absolute Hypocrisy” of News and Media Channels for covering up the story! People are also questioning why there is no ‘Intolerance’ debate and why the intellectual lobby is silent. While the boy’s family who lost their only child in the heinous crime has just demanded justice. 

The Incident

Rahul Rajput was a second-year journalism student at Delhi University. Privately, he also used to give coaching for the English language to the children. According to a report quoted by OpIndia, Rahul Rajput lived with his relatives in the Moolchand Colony of Adarsh Nagar. He was romantically involved with a 16-year-old Muslim girl from Jahangirpuri for 5 months. However, when the girl’s family and brother came to know about their affair, they opposed it. The girl’s brother strongly objected to the duo meeting and talking with each other. Reportedly, a scuffle had broken out between the girl’s brother and Rahul in the past as well when the former was beaten up by the girl’s lover.

Rahul Uncle’s Statement

Based on Rahul’s uncle’s statement as reported by The Hindu, a case was registered under Sections 302 (Murder) and 34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. In his complaint, he said his nephew and the girl knew each other for two years. They lived in the same locality but the girl’s parents, especially her brothers, were against their friendship. 

“On Wednesday at 7 p.m., I got a call from my friend who informed us that four-five boys were beating up my nephew.

When I reached the spot, I found that my nephew was being beaten brutally by the girl’s brothers and their accomplices… they slapped, punched and kicked him,” he wrote in his complaint.

At the crime spot, the accused told him that they do not like his nephew talking to their sister. The accused told him that they would kill Rahul if he does not stop meeting their sister.

After a lot of pleading, the group let Rahul go, his uncle said. Next, he rushed his nephew to a local clinic.

Later, Rahul was shifted to BJRM hospital for further treatment.

After the report, Police have arrested the five accused. They have been identified as Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj, and 3 others.

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