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How does IMDb work? IMDb Ratings Algorithm Decoded


How does IMDb work?

We often check IMDb ratings of movies which play an important role in deciding whether we should give it a try or not. IMDb rates almost all major movies and web series of different languages and by far their ratings are very handy. But have you ever wondered how does IMDb work and how they rate movies and web-series?

You might be surprised to know that IMDb itself doesn’t have any jury or panel like the Oscar Awards which decides the rating after watching it. In fact, IMDB does not give the ratings. But it is the users like you and us who rate movies.

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All the enlisted registered users from IMDb can cast their votes/evaluations for any film. IMDb takes all the individual votes cast by the enlisted members and utilizes them to figure a single rating which you see on their website. In any case, they don’t utilize the number juggling mean or middle of the votes to get the last appraising. The rating shown for a film’s page is a weighted normal rating based on the responses recorded from the members on a scale of 1-10. They state on their site that they utilize a similar technique for all the motion pictures with no inclination so the evaluations are reasonable and fair for every movie and series.

The final rating of any movie or series is the weighted average vote given by the members of IMDb. For example, one of the highest-rated movies- The Godfather (1972), more than 1.5 million IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 9.2 / 10 which is also the final rating which you see on their website.

IMDb also provides breakdown of their ratings!

In the event that somebody needs to know the mean/middle rating of a film or the breakdown of ratings, then it is additionally provided by IMDb, categorized on the basis of votes, percentage, age of users, gender, and ratings.

To make sure that the users get a good result they have fine-tuned their algorithm. For example, if a new movie is getting rated by 100 users and all of them are giving them a rating of 10/10 then the average becomes 10 (Higher than The Shawshank Redemption), but even then it will not show up in the top results of highest rated movies of all time.

The minimum number of votes required to be listed in the Top 250 changes continuously and currently it is set to 25,000 votes. Thus they follow a simple mechanism of weighted normal rating to rate and it is the users of IMDb like you who play a role in deciding the final rating of any movie or web series.

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